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Rehabilitation Psychology is a specialty area within psychology that focuses on the study and application of psychological knowledge and skills on behalf of individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions in order to maximize health and welfare, independence and choice, functional abilities, and social role participation across the lifespan. We welcome visitors of this site to learn more about the field of Rehabilitation Psychology and join the Division (Division 22 of the American Psychological Association).


kathleen (Kate) S. brown, phd

As the New Year begins, I have been thinking about what our profession and specialty have to offer. With changes in the U.S. health care environment, I believe we, as rehabilitation psychologists, have to ask ourselves some important questions. How do I position my practice/career in this time of uncertainty, unable to know what will happen next? How do I maintain my values when I join with other professions and institutions? What do I want to accomplish at this time? Where can I find the skills and resiliency to stay and even lead the course?

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