The Rehabilitation Psychology Specialty Council (RPSC) consists of the five professional organizations that represent the major educational, training, and professional constituencies in Rehabilitation Psychology: APA Division 22, the American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology (ABRP), the Foundation for Rehabilitation Psychology (FRP), the Council of Rehabilitation Psychology Postdoctoral Training Programs (CRPPTP), and the Academy of Rehabilitation Psychology (ARP). RPSC represents the specialty to the Council of Specialties (CoS) and other professional and public groups, and works to develop and establish education and training guidelines relevant to the specialty, to develop a uniform voice for the specialty at a national level, and in general to provide for the organized development of the specialty of Rehabilitation Psychology.

Although these groups work closely together, each has a specialized area of focus. Division 22 focuses within the realm of professional psychology, both science and practice. ABRP focuses within the realm of practitioner credentialing. FRP provides a philanthropic base for supporting education and research in Rehabilitation Psychology. ARP focuses within the realm of supporting specialization and board certification through recruitment and education. CRPPTP focuses within the realm of students and training programs.