During this past fiscal year, leadership within the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology undertook a review of the Bylaws of the Division. As a result of this review, several changes to the Bylaws were proposed in order to bring our Division in compliance with APA policy, reflect changes following recent Executive Committee votes, and incorporate information from our recently completed Strategic Plan. 

The Executive Committee reviewed and voted to approve the proposed changes. The next step in the process is to present the proposed changes to the membership, for your consideration and vote. You can find a copy of the Bylaws here, with all changes noted using track changes, as well as a explanation of the reason / purpose of the changes. APA Division services will be sending all voting members either an online or paper ballot to vote whether or not you approve these changes. Because the changes were deemed mostly related to cleaning up the document, rather than to substantial changes in action or intent of the Division, the vote will be either to approve or not approve all changes.  

Full description of Bylaw changes

Brief overview of changes

  1. Throughout: Terms clarified and revised, as Executive Committee is most appropriately used to refer to the smallest body with the highest authority; the term Executive Committee is used to define the voting members of the Division and replaces the term Executive Board in logical places throughout the document.

  2. Article I - As suggested in our rebranding effort, the organization name has been modified to be - “Rehabilitation Psychology, Division 22 of the APA”

  3. Article II - Based on recent strategic planning, the Division’s updated Mission and Vision have been included.

  4. Article IV, Section 2E – A statement about the mid-year conference has been deleted because it has been superseded by the MOU between the Division and the Academy. Striking this statement is not meant to imply that we will not have a mid-year conference but rather that the details are handled elsewhere.

  5. Article V, Section 1 and 2 – The statement regarding the Student representative term has been moved from Section 2 to Section 1.

If you have questions or concerns about the Bylaw Revisions, this vote or the associated process please contact Division 22 President Michelle Meade.