Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for facilitating and enhancing communication efforts within and outside the Divison 22 membership. Our mission is to communicate the goals of the Division and to broadly disseminate information pertaining to Rehabilitation Psychology in coordination with Division leadership and in collaboration with other professional organizations. Some of the activities in which we are involved include: 

  • Website maintenance and updates, including all aspects of content and design.

  • Regular updates about division activities.

  • News related to Rehabilitation Psychology.

  • Up-to-date information regarding Rehabilitation Psychology training sites.

  • Information about how to join the Division and become involved in a variety of Division activities.

  • Communication through pamphlet development and social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia.

  • Collaborations with our other committees, including the Membership Committee, in an effort to increase Division membership.

  • A variety of ongoing activities designed to enhance communication within and outside the Division.

Division 22 members are needed and welcomed to become involved in Division activities through participation in this committee and to help with Communications Committee activities at scientific conferences. We especially encourage participation of our student and early career members.  

How to Join

Please send an email indicating your interest to the Communications Committee chairperson, Dr. Amanda Childs.


Amanda Childs, PhD
Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
New York, NY

co-chair, communications committee

Theo Tsaousides, PhD
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, NY

PAST Chair, Communications Committee

Kimberley R. Monden, PhD
Craig Hospital
Englewood, CO


  • Lisa A. Brenner, PhD
  • Jennifer E. Jutte, PhD
  • Joseph F. Rath, PhD 
  • Gitendra Uswatte, PhD 

Committee Members

  • Asma Ali, PsyD
  • Cait Campbell, PsyD
  • Laura E. Dreer, PhD
  • Emily Markley, PsyD
  • Lynn Schaefer, PhD
  • Zina Trost, PhD
  • Brent Womble, MA


  • Kimberley R. Monden, PhD
  • Brent Womble, MA
  • Coralynn Long, MS
  • Joshua McKeever, PhD
  • Jerrold Yeo, MA